Azure Security Audit

azure security audit

Azure security is one of the most important aspects of our cloud environment. We are Azure infrastructure experts and we can help your secure your environment by segmenting your network so that important internal resources are not accessible over the internet. Our Azure security experts follow the industry leading best practices for securing Azure infrastructure, so that you can feel safer with your Azure environment. Accigo can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes when clients first begin their Azure journey. Contact us today to secure your Azure infrastructure today!

Web Applications are a growing segment of the Azure ecosystem. This means that it is more important than ever to secure your Web Applications, Azure Functions, and other externally facing applications! Our Azure security audit will evaluate your entire environment. We do this so that we can have an understanding how an intruder would get into your environment and make recommendations on how to mitigate future issues. There are lots of technologies that can help to make your public web application more secure. These tools can even help in securing your web applications microservices and database. Let us make you feel more secure by contacting us to have an Azure Security Audit today!

The majority of enterprise solutions that we work with are not entirely running in Azure, which means that there are various integrations with an on-premise environment. It is important to make sure that when you extend your on-premise environment to Azure, that everything is secure in both environments. Our Azure experts have experience securing the connection to Azure, as well as all of the public endpoints on-premise and in Azure. Azure offers numerous security services that can help you secure both environments. We take security very seriously and this is why security is typically one of our primary concerns when we design hybrid solutions for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help secure your hybrid environment!

Holistic Approach
We look at your entire environment when conducting an Azure Security Audit. We do this to make sure we cover as many vulnerabilities of your environment as we can. See how we can help secure your Azure environment today!
Best Practices
Accigo has been a Microsoft Partner for over 10 years. We have the industry leading best practices as well as our experience. We understand what it takes to have a secure and well functioning environment that follows the best security practices.
Business Oriented
Your business is our business, which is why we have such long term partnerships with our clients. One of our partnership goals is to ensure that your environment is secure and that you minimize the likelihood that your environment will get hacked.
Public Endpoints
Public endpoints in Azure is one of the most commonly misconfigured resources of Azure. Insecure public endpoints which can greatly increase the probability that your environment will get hacked. Let us help your secure your public endpoints today!
Database Security
We are database experts and securing database is something we focus on. It is important to secure the communication between your database and application so that your data is not exposed on the internet. Let us help you secure your databases today!
Web Application Security
Web applications are an increasingly popular for public websites, but typically they aren't secured from a security perspective by default. Let our talented consultants evaluate your web application solutions and begin to get security recommendations today.

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