Azure Migration

azure migration

The Microsoft cloud can empower any business, which is why we are experts at Azure migrations. The power of the cloud lies not only in the flexibility and scalability of resources, but also in the types of services that aren’t possible on-premise. Our belief is that our clients should go as much Software as a Service and Platform as a Service, because these services enable your business to thrive, without having the overhead of maintaining hardware or patching operating systems. We understand that businesses need to be flexible and to scale with demand, which is where Azure really shines. Let us help your business thrive by planning and extending your environment to Azure.

At Accigo, we believe that the hybrid model is the way to go. This means that your organization should extend your environment into the cloud. When doing this, this enables you to have a choice where your services and applications should go. This choice is empowering because it allows your company to get the flexibility and scale of the cloud, while keeping the option to keep certain workloads on-premise. We have numerous years of experience working with Azure and on-premise solutions, which allows us to help you get the most out of your cloud experience. Let us help you take control of your IT department today and allow them to empower your business.

Accigo has a lot of experience working with Azure migrations and helping our clients get the most out of the public cloud. We understand that each client is unique and has their own needs. We have experience migrating smaller clients to Azure, but also clients with lots of virtual machines and applications. Accigo will help you avoid a lot of the common mistakes, which relate to security, cost, and flexibility. Our Azure experts will work with you and go through your environment so that we can come up with a plan with as little downtime as possible. We will help you get the value that your bushiness needs out of the cloud. Maximize your potential by migrating to Azure today!

Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service is a fantastic way to use Azure in a similar way that you use your on premise environments. At Accigo, we understand cloud infrastructure and we can help you set up or migrate virtual machines in Azure. Our Azure experts will even help you optimize your resources in Azure so that you get the most value.
Platform as a Service
Platform as a Service is one of the best values in Azure, since you don't have to manage the underlying resources. PaaS services allow you to get the most out of your services, while reducing the overhead maintenance of your solution. We have experience with almost every PaaS service that Azure offers. Get strategic advise today!
Software as a Service
Software as a Service is one of the most cost effective services that Azure offers. We utilize SaaS services to help our clients spend time doing more and less time troubleshooting problems. Find out today how Azure SaaS services can help your business today.

Get The Most Out Of Azure

Azure is a massive platform with over 100 different types of services, with new functionality and services being released each month. These services are being developed at a rapid pace so that your business can utilize these tools as quickly as possible.
Azure enables your business to grow at an exponential pace, which is possible due to the hyperscale of Azure. You can migrate your resources to over 50 different regions across the globe. Azure is the largest cloud provider and it enables tons of businesses to succeed.
Azure has one of the industry leading SLA's of up to 99,95%, depending on the service and configuration. This means that your services can be down for 3 minutes a month, which is something that on-premise providers cannot get close to.
We are experts at planning your Azure migration. We will work with you to build a unique migration plan that will allow your Azure migration to succeed, be cost effective, and get the value that your business needs out of Azure.
We understand that this is a big move for your organization, which is why we believe in Harmoni Satt i System, which is our way to doing what is right for our clients. We believe in long term partnerships with our clients.
Business Value
Every business is unique and has different business needs. Migrating to Azure is no different. We understand that each business values different things and we will help you get the most value out of the cloud.

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