Azure Cloud Operations

Accigo’s Azure Cloud Operations is where we provide total control over maintaining your azure solutions’s connectivity and availability. Azure Cloud Operations provides monitoring of the key components of your solution and then Accigo’s Azure experts can then act on incidents as they occur. We define a SLA that suits your solution and business needs. Azure Cloud Operations provides safety and security for your Azure solutions, which covers most IaaS and PaaS solutions in Azure. In order to provide a holistic approach to your environment, we have split our Azure Cloud Operations offer into three different parts. Some of these parts allow you to choose which level of cover your business needs.

The value of Azure Cloud Operations comes in many forms and will differ from business to business, since we tailor our solutions to fit your business needs. We don’t have a “one size fits all” solution, but we work with our clients to understand how their solutions work and how it enables their business. Based on this, we tailor our Azure Cloud Operations coverage to fit your business needs. This allows for Accigo Cloud Operations to be cost effective and to cover what your business needs from an Azure operations service. See how our Azure monitoring service can help your business today!

When you contact us about Cloud Operations, we will have multiple workshops to go through your Azure environment that you want to cover. We will then discuss how your business relies on this solution and we will design a custom SLA. This SLA will cover which resources and services to cover. Depending on the coverage and services for the SLA, we set the pricing to match what your business needs. Afterwards, our Azure experts will integrate our Azure monitoring solution to your subscription and build a baseline. It is from this baseline that we will begin to handle incidents as they come. Cloud Operations is tailored to fit your business needs.

azure cloud operations
Azure Monitoring
Accigo will actively monitor your IaaS and PaaS services in Azure so that we can be notified if anything goes wrong. This Azure monitoring uses state of the art software and tools, which can easily be implemented into your Azure environment.
Azure Incident Handling
Based on our monitoring and your SLA, Accigo can then act on incidents that occur within your environment. Handling incidents quickly and efficiently is what we believe in. We want to make you feel safe when you use Azure to empower your business.
Long Term Azure Partner
We include the best practices for new deployments for specific resources such as SQL Server, Web Applications, IaaS Virtual Machines, and much more. We even offer reference architecture so that your business can get the most out of Azure. Let our Azure certified experts put you at ease.

How Azure Cloud Operations Works

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The standard services of Cloud Operations are designed to provide stability and to help you to use Azure more efficiently. This includes the option of allowing Accigo’s Cloud Operations team to deploy new resources for you, based on Accigo’s reference architecture and best practices. This gives you the peace of mind that things are being done the right way and it allows you to do what you do best, which is to grow your business. Within our standard services, our Azure experts can install and configure the various services for you. We also include a cost analysis of your Azure subscription[s] that are covered so you know what you are spending in Azure. All of these are included to all our clients and included in all covered resources at a flat rate per resource.

Cloud Services is the second tier of our Cloud Operations offer. Cloud services essentially defines the SLA for what your business requires. Accigo Cloud Operations can currently provide coverage from 06.00 – 22.00 (Swedish time), but we can provide a 24/7 solution with some additional lead time. Cloud Services also includes the incident response time, which is based on your business needs. We will also include the time for resolving incidents, which can be discussed based on your solution’s needs. Accigo’s Cloud Services is entirely dependent on your company’s needs so that we provide the right solution at the right cost.

Accigo is a diverse company with numerous skills. We have the unique ability to provide platform monitoring on top of the Standard Services and Cloud Services. This means that we can monitor the services that are being ran inside your PaaS and IaaS services, such as Dynamics AX AOS, AD FS, SQL Server, Web Applications, Functions, IIS, AD DS, and much more! We combine our unique platform knowledge and holistic approach to enable your environment to be performing when it matters most. At Accigo, we believe that we should do everything we can for our customers, and Cloud Operations is no different.

No Long Term Contract
With Accigo Cloud Operations, we don't believe in locking you down. Azure is about flexibility and paying for what you are using, and Azure Cloud Operations is no different. You only pay month to month for the resources you need to be covered and not anything more.
Flexible Solutions
Cloud Operations is designed to be as flexible as possible so that you get what your business needs. We use custom Azure monitoring and operations solutions that are specific to your solution. This allows you to get the most out of Azure and not waste money covering things that you don't need.
Industry Leading Azure Experts
Azure Cloud Operations is designed and ran by Azure certified experts. We have numerous years of experience within Azure and we know how to get the most value out of running solutions in Azure. Accigo has some of the best Azure experts in Sweden. Try Cloud Operations today!

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